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rensys – management consulting (rmc) is a specialist consultancy for the management of the energy industry and deals interdisciplinary and solution-oriented with the problems of strategy, project, and product management in the field of grid-connected energy supply, renewable energy production, and the digital transformation resulting in this context.

rmc forms a flexible team of experienced freelancers and entrepreneurs of various disciplines. Based on the projects commissioned by the customer, the consultants form themselves and otherwise work independently in the energy industry as a network of experts.

The coordination, provision and execution of the service is the responsibility of Robert Siatecki, M.Sc. Managing Consultant. Trained from the ground up in energy engineering and working in the energy industry for over 20 years, he bundles the management skills of the teams and the “lone fighters.” Having started as an electrical engineering assistant, he studied Electrical Engineering with a focus on Energy Technology, then International Management with Engineering, and finally, Energy Economics, most recently at RWTH Aachen University. Already during his studies, Mr. Siatecki founded international companies to provide services for the energy industry initially as EPC projects and finally as consultancy. Today he leads the consulting rensys.

He is your direct contact person for your first contact and other concerns. He can be contacted at: rosia(at)