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Internship with energy!

My name is Dominik Koschel, I am 24 years young and study technical management and marketing at the university Hamm-Lippstadt. I am currently doing a four-week internship at rensys GmbH to expand my professional experience.

Someone wondering for sure now what a “marketing” student is doing in a management consultancy with a focus on the energy industry? Very easily! Marketing nowadays is no longer “only” marketing. The fight for the attention of today´s generations is the actual challenge of modern companies and should at best be approached with a holistic company orientation on the market. I also have chosen “Green Business” as my studies major to complete my studies with a topic that will be essential for me in the future. At rensys GmbH, I see the opportunity to put this focus into practice.

In my first internship week, I dedicated myself to taking a stock of the website, social media and the entire internet presence of rensys GmbH, to procure me an overview of the current situation. With reference books I procured me, among other things, also an initial understanding about the energy industry and product management.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks!

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