Our advice bases on long term expertise in the energy industry and provides a service by individual consultants or consulting teams chose precisely for this purpose. Our highly qualified experts will accompany you according to the requirements defined by you for the project over the entire consulting period and remain open-minded for further inquiries after the service.


Our services include well-thought-out, goal-oriented, and sustainable strategy development, which follows structured and practice-proven methods and supports your company and/or product development. With our help, you can more easily make your future decisions, give you a stable orientation for your cooperation, and define the use of funds correctly. We rely on many years of experience of our staff in various completed projects.



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For product development, a far-reaching discipline in the management process of every company, we offer our product management. Adapted to your needs, we strengthen your team by providing our Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or Agile Teams and Coaches. Besides, we also offer specially developed training courses to ensure the transformation of your company as part of digitization.

Our offer for Product Management:

  • Product Manager
  • Scrum Master 
  • Product Owner 
  • Agile Coach
  • Training


We provide you with customized consulting services in the form of a transparent project assignment. The project is usually a temporary work for the delivery of clearly defined products, services, and results, using the traditional or agile project management methods. Our well-founded and proven knowledge and many years of experience in the management of projects in a wide range of energy sectors are essential for the success of our consultancy.

Areas of our Project Management:

  • Energy generation
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy storage
  • Energy consumption
  • Information Technology


Engineering is an application of electrical engineering and economics to invent, innovate, build, maintain, research, and improve engineering assets and systems. We focus in detail on the engineering of the generation, distribution, storage, and consumption systems of the energy industry. We must strike a balance between proven technology and sustainable development.  Thus, we ensure our continuous development of knowledge, but above all, the reliability and sustainability of customer solutions.

As part of the engineering we offer:

  • feasibility studies
  • network calculations and planing
  • stability analysis
  • construction o dynamic system models


From the global view of a company over the product development in the context of project management up to the detailed engineering, we believe in offering our customers an added value with this offer. Overall, we provide expertise which rounding off our offer by training. It does not matter if we provide our training for companies or for carrying out a teaching assignment in a degree program. We provide our training courses, teaching jobs as on-site events at the customer's or in our training rooms, as well as in the form of webinars designed for this purpose as online lessons. Our completed orders confirm the need for such services, which we also like to keep up to date. 

Examples of our trainings:

  • "Agile Product Management"
  • "Digitalized Energy Distribution"
  • "Feed-in Tarif  vs. Quota"
  • "Energy Technology For Non-Engineers"
  • "Renewable Energy"
  • "Handling of Switching Apparatus"
  • "Energy Distribution"
  • "Green Hydrogen- Added Value"