rensys management consulting expands its own competencies in the IT industry

After years of international collaboration, the German-based rensys management consulting and Codibly Sp.z o.o. a partnership from Poland. The Polish company is committed to using cutting-edge technology, talent and innovation to create sustainable digital solutions for the energy industry. The interaction between the two companies is intended to ensure that rensys expertise is expanded through the extensive spectrum of the IT industry. Rensys receives support from Bartosz Majewski, CEO.

Mr. Majewski is an experienced entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the international IT consulting and software development business. His company – Codibly with its headquarters in Kraków, Poland – focuses on the most sustainable technical solutions and projects. Mr. Majewski is also the chairman and co-founder of the Software Development Association Poland (SoDA for short), the first association of managing directors of the IT industry in Poland.

“As an IT consulting company, we lack the depth of consulting required in Germany in the energy sector. The partnership with rensys allows us to close this gap and offer added value for potential customers in Germany. Thanks to the partnership, we can jointly develop advanced solutions for German companies work. “- said Bartosz Majewski, Managing Director of Codibly

Codibly will expand rensy’s competencies through the following: integration of IoT platforms, use of management systems for battery storage solutions, energy and load management system solutions; Intelligent network operating system solutions, platforms for the integration of renewable energies and other technologies that will efficiently implement the digital transformation of the energy industry.

“The future digitalization of the energy industry requires a bundling of interdisciplinary competencies from the areas: economy, information technology, regulatory framework and energy technology. This guarantees the cooperation between the system developer and integrator Codibly and rensys, the management consultant for the energy industry. The customer should the entire transformation implementation can be made easier. “- says Robert Siatecki, founder of rensys

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