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The courage to consistently implementing digital transformation

In our age of digitalization, every larger company goes online. The focus lies on their and only their environment. The problem with that is that most of the time, it’s not entirely thought through. It is about getting a job done and not having an end-to-end process. One of the reasons for that is the budget. It’s easier to pay a service once than having someone engaged and paying them over a while. Another problem is that most companies rely on what they already know. More complex ideas usually don’t get through.

To help those situations, a team of experts from different interdisciplinary branches will help them out. They’ll bring in the IT-expertise to the companies’ task fields. The companies rensys- management consulting and Codibly offer that. In addition to our specialists, we provide teams in different sectors—all of them, with many years of work experience. We focus on strategy development, product strategy, and product management in an end-to-end process.

We are starting with the development of a product roadmap, which will always be revised by the stakeholder. This way, we support our clients in developing their products and adjust the following processes.

Suited to the costumers’ needs, we will scale our work. Therefore we match the costumer’s timeframe and budget. Our job will be executed in so-called “sprints.” This way, minimum-viable-products are developed and will be proceeded in the next sprints. The client’s budget will rule the progress, and fully functional products will be designed in a short period.

Our support lies in problem solutions with creative ideas and the newest technologies. The client stays the product’s developer and receives quick results within his budget and ready for the market.

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