Emerging technologies and societal demand promise to reshape not only the energy we use, but also how we use it.

Understanding that energy industry is evolving

rensys - management consulting is an independent specialized, professional partner for energy industry that combines knowledge with technical expertise to enable companies to protect and create value.

Our experts unparalleled depth of energy industry experience provides insight into engineering, technologies, operations, market design and regulatory processes. The breadth of our industry knowledge offers a full range of solutions from insight to strategy and on to implementation.

With a focus on industries facing transformational change and significant regulatory issues, we serve primarily in the renewable energy sector which represents highly complex market and regulatory environment.

Specializing in engineering scientific and energy economics, rensys - management consulting,  partners with clients to help them take control of their future and achieve powerful results.

We collaborate with our clients to help them build, manage and protect their business' value and help anticipate where energy industry is headed and how they can improve performance, grow, and address consumer and regulatory demands.

Professional service offerings include strategic, operational, technology, risk management, compliance, investigative solutions and business process management services.

Our business is dedicated to customers in different segments - energy, utilities, industrials and information technology.